Council asks Chief Minister to bring forward the Construction of the Bridge over the Molonglo River.

Council has written to the Chief Minister, Andrew Barr, asking him to bring forwar the building of the bridge over the Molonglo River in Molonglo.  This will have many benefits including linking the two parts of Molonglo as Whitlam develops, the provision of another infrastructure project in this current pandemic crisis and a safe second route north south to the west of Commonwealth Avenue. Continue reading

UPDATE – Tender open for the new Park and Ride parking spaces at Kirkpatrick Street

The Tender was opened today for the building of an additional 46 car parking spaces at the Kirkpatrick Street Park and Ride.  This will bring the toal number of spaces at this site to 95.
Council welcomes these additional spaces.  The Tender closes on the 26th of May so hopefully these will be in place well before the end of the year.

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Collections for residential waste and recycling bins to start from 5am

From Monday 23 March 2020, collections for residential waste and recycling bins will start from 5am. Residential red and yellow bin collections are a critical service and, as a proactive measure to provide some separation between drivers to prevent service disruptions, drivers will work staggered shifts from Monday. Whilst this may cause a slight shake up to people’s usual routines,… Continue reading