Our Community believes that it is the responsibility of the Government of Australia to fully fund these Institutions.

Over the years we have seen a relentless drive by successive Governments to diminish these Institutions through continued budget reductions whether they be through the so-called “efficiency dividend” or other cuts. Our community believes that there is a Community Service Obligation on the Parliament of Australia and its Members and Senators to fully fund these Institutions to enable them to operate for the benefit of all Australians. Continue reading

Council disagrees with the splitting of Woden in the Proposed new Electorates in the ACT

The proposed boundaries split the Woden Valley into two electorates. This has been catastrophic for the Woden Town Centre where, under the ACT Electorate boundaries for at least 8 years, the District was split in two as is proposed here by this Re-distribution. With the ACT Electorate changes finally putting Woden back together again in 2016, it would be tragic for the Federal Re-Distribution to again split this community. The suburbs of Lyons, Curtin, Hughes, Garran and Phillip should be included in the electorate of Bean.

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Weston Service Station DA

In a broad sense, WCCC welcomes the proposal as another service station is badly needed . However, Council considers that they cannot support the current DA in its present form as there are too many issues with both the size of the development and traffic issues Continue reading

Update – Meeting Outcomes – Public Housing

The Deputy Chief Minister has responded to earlier correspondence on the Public Renewal taskforce community issues. The consultations are on-going. The Weston Creek Community Council had earlier written to all 25 members of the Legislative Assembly outlining its concerns over the decisions made by the Public Housing Renewal Task Force on Public Housing and the Minister for Housing and Suburban Development. Meeting comments and views are now also available. Continue reading