Floriade Community 2021

This will be the second year that the WCCC has co-ordinated a site and we are so grateful to have you on board! We will be kicking off our planting this weekend and you’re welcome to attend as you can.

  • SATURDAY 5 June – Dirt delivery.

We will be onsite moving the dirt into garden beds. Quite heavy lifting so not for the faint hearted. Please let us know if you are available to assist between 1pm – 3pm.

  • SUNDAY 6 June – Main Flower Planting.

We have 4000 plants to get in! We will be onsite from 11am to 4pm to start planting the various bulbs and annuals.

Please let us know what time you are likely to drop in. You can stay for as long as you like but it would be great to know who is coming when, so we can manage the space 🙂

This year’s theme is THE FUTURE OF FLOWERS. We will be doing 12 different garden beds with three painted cable reels in the centre.

Location and arrival:

Our site is on the verge on the corner of Streeton Drive and Darwinia Terrace. We are trying to keep the site as free from cars as possible so if coming by vehicle, please park at Chapman Shops or in Sully place and walk around. Both are a short 50 metre – 200 metre walk.


On Sunday, please bring a bottle of water, a sun hat, a trowel if you have one, gardening gloves, and hand sanitiser. If you do not have gloves, some have been kindly donated and will be available.

Site Donations:

Cupboard/Storage: We are on the lookout for a nice cupboard that we can place on site to store our equipment in. If anyone has a storage unit that is going to the tip, please let us know. We will pick it up and paint it up! Beautiful.

Ongoing maintenance:

Throughout Winter, we will have regular working bees and updates.  Donations of sugar cane mulch would be gratefully accepted. We are hoping to store some basic gardening equipment onsite so people can just pop past whenever they like. Arrangements have been made for the access to water and watering cans. The lovely nearby residents will also keep an eye on the garden for us.

Scarecrow Workshop:

Scarecrow workshop will be held most likely on the last Sunday in August or the first Sunday in September (Father’s Day).  Alongside the theme of THE FUTURE OF FLOWERS, we will be making Robot Scarecrows in futuristic forms. As preparation, you are welcome to start collecting any broken or outdated appliance parts or metal objects

Filming and Volunteer Permissions

Just an FYI – we will be filming and taking photos onsite during the events Permission is granted on an OPT OUT basis, so you will need to let us know if you would prefer not to be included in any photos that may be taken and displayed in the public domain.

We will have a sign in sheet for volunteers as well so please make sure you sign in onsite with your attendance for insurance purposes.

Please share this information with your local friends, family and social networks that might be interested.

The Weston Creek Community Council is made up of volunteers. Best contact is via email to me in the first instance and then phone call beyond that. Mobile: 0410 459 707

Anything else? Please let us know if you have any questions.  Thanks so much again for your interest in this project and we are looking forward to meeting you all (and seeing familiar faces) on Sunday!

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