Canberra Town Planning submission: Stirling Labor Club and adjacent open space

While reviewing the submissions lodged with the ACT Government’s Planning Directorate during the consultation phase of the development of the new Territory Plan and District Strategies we noticed the submission linked below suggesting the Canberra Labor Club’s Stirling site and adjacent lands could be considered for some densification. It is important to consider the potential loss of facilities in conjunction with the current Development Application for the Canberra Raiders’ Club site at Weston. Council would be interested in knowing the preliminary views of the Community before any formal consideration occurs.

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  1. Why not a hydrotherapy pool?
    All our health and recreational facilities are disappearing, or have disappeared from Woden. There could be more recreational and sporting facilities in a quiet area for Weston Creek, which could also be utilized by Molonglo.

  2. Lynda Reynolds

    I agree Chris. I think that is what this government wants, to drive us out of our “luxury” houses so they can build more of their cell block living choices. I refuse to budge. VOTE FOR CHANGE and a better ACT.

  3. Chris Matthews

    This is just another land grab by a government that is out of touch. We live in Stirling because it is a quiet and well established suburb, with lots of green spaces. Any attempt to erect a multi-story building in this rea will be the death of Stirling. I for one will not stay here if this development goes ahead.

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