Engaging with the Draft Planning Bill

LAST CALL: Weston Creek Community Council wants to hear your views on what is important to be changed or maintained in the processes of planning and development of the Territory. Thank you to those who have already provided feedback.

ACT Government is currently consulting on the draft Planning Bill so that they can incorporate community feedback before finalising it for presentation to the Legislative Assembly for consideration. WCCC will be making a submission to ACT Government to inform this process.

Information about the Planning Review Project can be found at: www.planning.act.gov.au/planning-our-city/act-planning-system-review-and-reform

The vision is to have an outcomes-focused planning system that is easy to use while delivering improved development outcomes. However, residents have advised Council that they do not always feel heard and some building and re-zoning changes to Weston Creek have not been in alignment with what they value.

What Council has heard so far includes concerns in the draft Bill about the:

  • Probity and governance risks presented
  • Discretionary powers of the Chief Planner
  • Process of Territory Priority Projects
  • Lack of explicit decision making and assessment criteria
  • Reduced community consultation
  • Vagueness and lack of clarity of language and definitions
    • There is no definition of Design Principles
    • There is no definition of Good Consultation
  • Outcomes-focused, without clear criteria, does not ensure quality planning and development.

If you would like to add any priorities for the WCCC submission, please let us know via the WCCC website,
Facebook pages or email
by COB Wednesday 8 June 2022.

Alternatively, through to 15 June 2022, you can personally provide your thoughts and ideas for the ACT Planning System Review and Reform Project through the following options on the ACT Government Your Say Conversations, open projects:

  • Post a quick comment on the public forum about one or more of the key policy changes proposed
  • Provide more detailed input on the proposed policy changes using the online form
  • Upload a submission
  • If you have any problems email EPSDDcomms@act.gov.au
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