The ACT Budget and Weston Creek

The Major Items announced in the ACT Budget affecting Weston Creek and Molonglo.

The following are the main items identified in the ACT Budget that affect us in Weston Creek and Molonglo:

Health and Hospitals

  • Walk in Centres – Weston Creek – $2,000,000
    The Government will continue to plan for Canberra’s fourth Walk in Centre in the Weston Creek region, to add to the network of existing centres across Canberra. This will build on previous design work with the Walk in Centre expected to open in 2019. Comment from Council: we are still unclear on where this is to be located. Council considers that it should be in and around Cooleman Court to enable good access for everyone.


  • Active Travel
    • The Government will improve and expand pedestrian and cycling infrastructure to ensure it is safe, sustainable, attractive to the community and easy to use. This initiative will also invest in off-road bikeway network, providing improved signage and connections to Canberra’s off-road bikeway network. It will also expand the Active Streets for Schools program, and complete the Lyons to Weston Creek (Heysen Drive) cycle path link.
    • Council Comment: We have no timing to the Lyons to Weston Creek link but it is very welcome.


  • Swimming Pool – $32,000,000 (Not entirely new spending)
    For the construction of the Weston Creek and Stromlo swimming pool and leisure centre.

    • Council Comment: work is due to begin soon and the Centre is scheduled to be open in early 2020
  • John Gorton Drive and Molonglo River Bridge Crossing – $1,250,000– The Government will undertake the next phase of planning and design of a bridge across the Molonglo River and the extension of John Gorton Drive to facilitate future land releases in the Molonglo Valley.
    • Council Comment: Council urges the ACT Government to bring forward the building of this bridge so that access between the two parts of Molonglo are provided a better ans safer link.
  • Molonglo Valley Infrastructure – $33,000,000 -This project is to develop road and water infrastructure, which facilitates land releases for the new suburb of Whitlam in the Molonglo Valley.
  • East-West Arterial Road from John Gorton Drive to Tuggeranong Parkway – $300,000 –This early planning will investigate the realignment of the East-West arterial road at Molonglo from John Gorton Drive to the Tuggeranong Parkway.


  • Schools – New Molonglo Primary School – $42,000,000 – The new Molonglo Primary School will provide places for 600 students from Kindergarten to Year 6 and places for 44 pre-schoolers with space for future growth. The school will be ready to accept students from the start of the 2021 school year. The funding delivered through this Budget will also support the preparation of services for a future Year 7 to 10 campus on the same site.
  • Private School In Molonglo – Land for a private School in Molonglo in North Wright will be auctioned by 2022.


  • Waterways – Preservation of Molonglo River Corridor – $3,200,000 – The Government is investing in the protection of our native species and their habitat by undertaking ecological conservation works in the Molonglo River Reserve. As part of the Molonglo Valley Plan for the Protection of Matters of National Environmental Significance.
  • Urban Services – There will be more funding for mowing, weeding, cleaning up graffiti, maintaining local waterways and tree trimming.

Rates continue to rise in Weston Creek and Molonglo

  • In this weeks Budget, average rate rises in Weston Creek for houses was around 5% and Units 9%.
    Please see the attached Table for individual suburbs to see the average rates in your suburb and what the average rate rise is.
  • Estimated Average Household Rates Bill for 2018-19 (Source: Canberra Times)
    4.1 %

There will be a community-led process that will give Canberrans a say in where funds for playgrounds should be targeted to provide the most community benefit.

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  1. We need a new skatepark in the new suburbs around Denman

    WCCC Comment
    The Capital Airport Group is developing Denman Prospect and has recently opened the Ridgeline Park Playground. Also, there is Stromlo Forest Park on the doorstep. Perhaps a Skate park is one for the future – there is one in Weston and Council thinks that there is a small one in Coombs.

  2. Walk-in Centre at Cooleman Court would only be ‘good access’ if something is done to improve the horrendous car-parking currently available around there.

    From Chair: Parking has been difficult at Cooleman Court since 2009 and we have worked with Government to make car parking “better” for everyone. This is not easy given the current circumstances with Molonglo. Our work has included increasing the number of car parking spaces by 76, changing the time periods at the centre to mainly 2 hour limits. We are always looking at ways to make parking at the centre better for the community but it is not easy given the geography of the area and the fact that the government has indicated it is not prepared to build a car park on either parking area.

    We are also working to try and establish just where the “walk-in-centre” will be located. While the Government has said Weston Creek that is not a given as yet.

  3. It is disappointing to see Weston Creek forgotten again. Seems to me we need an MLA advocating for Weston Creek in Cabinet. The Walk in Centre and Swimming Pool were announced a long time ago. Roads and schools for Molonglo Valley are nothing to get excited about, these are just basic things that all new suburbs need.

    From Chair: Yes I agree with your comments. We do have three MLA’s who are part of the Government although none are in Cabinet and we would hope that they lobby hard on behalf of the electorate. There is little that Council can do about this.

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