CIT Park/Garden Working Committee 22 Apr 10

The First Official Meeting of the Community Council Working Group on the CIT Park and Gardens is on Thursday, 22 April 2010 at 7.30pm in the Hawkes room at the Weston Club.
Stephen Alegria from Conservation and Lands, Territory and Muncipal Services… Continue reading

Park’s group shapes up

The community working group to oversee the transformation of the current gardens at the former CIT School of Horticulture into Weston Creek’s premier park is starting to take shape. Kerstin Linton, one of the residents who fought for the retention of… Continue reading

Weston Creek Community Pk Walk Thru – 21 Mar 10

A walk through of the Weston Creek Community Park is being organised for mid-day Sunday 21 March to enable Weston Creek residents to view and appreciate the park. Residents may recall the recent government agreement to the Council’s representations to… Continue reading

Future of Weston Gardens secure

The most significant open space area in Weston Creek, the CIT gardens, will be maintained despite the probable transformation of the campus to a school.
Consultation over the future of the site has been ongoing since since the decision was made to… Continue reading

Weston CIT Site Park and Arboretum Land Use

At the monthly meeting (4 Nov 09) discussion occurred about the formal classification of the area located at the current CIT Heysen Street Weston site that contains the area being discussed as a community park/arboretum. Purdon Associates and Mr Ross… Continue reading