Village Building Co’s Develeopment Application refused for the “Old AFP Site in Weston”.

The ACT Planning and Land Authority has refused the village Building Company’s Development Application for Block 1 Section 82, the “Old AFP Site” in Weston.

There were a number of grounds for the refusal including

  • the proposed blocks do not represent a suitable size able to accomodate complying developments appropraite to the site and zoning,
  • the pattern of sub-division constrains the ability for standard blocks to be developed, and
  • the proposal includes a majority of compact blocks with little variation in size or dwelling offering.

Read the Decision here.Council will prepare a more detailed listing of the reasons and place that on the Website/Facebook later this week

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  1. Many years ago I built a factory at Mitchell but after that experience of red tape, approval delays and endless wasteful discussions with authorities swore I would never build in Canberra again. Later I built in Cooma, Yass and Goulburn and found it easy to negotiate and settle with Council officers in those towns and cities. They had the view of how can we help, welcome to employment opportunities. Canberra’s attitude was how can we delay you and for how long. Decisions took months then changed! I expect nothing has changed so I would still not build in Canberra. OK for big companies though – some have pull. I wonder how?

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