Road works not good enough

MEMBERS of the community have expressed concern that Weston Creek is increasingly being treated by planners as part of Molonglo rather than as a distinct community.

 The situation is not helped by recent documents such as the ACT Planning Strategy, which literally wipes Weston Creek off the map and rebadges the whole area ‘Molonglo’.

 While it is as yet unclear which party will form government, the Weston Creek Community Council will work with the future government to ensure that Weston Creek  remains on the radar as a distinct community,  and is not subsumed by Molonglo.

 TAMS have recently lodged a development   application for the next stage of Molonglo-related roadworks, Involving the reconfiguration of the Cotter Rd -Streeton and Streetor- Dixon Unwin intersections and the installation of additional traffic lights.

 The cost will be about $10 million, with significant traffic disruptions expected.

 A worrying aspect is that the new intersection design will preference Molonglo traffic over Weston Creek traffic.

 Those travelling from Cotter Rd onto Streeton will have to contend with a merge lane instead of the current right-of-way, while traffic travelling from Molonglo onto Streeton will get two lanes to themselves. Residents have until November 7 to comment -details are available on the ACTPLA website.

  Many of you will have noticed the poor quality of road resurfacing work in Weston Creek over the past year.

 Chip seal resurfacing has transformed previously smooth residential streets into uneven, rough, gravelly roads that belong in the outback, not an urban area.

 They are difficult to drive or cycle on, cause significant road noise, and deteriorate rapidly. The community deserves better.

 RoadsACT should ask the responsible contractor to redo the roads properly.

 At our next public meeting a speaker from TAMS will give a presentation about the Fetherston Gardens. Please join us at 7.30pm all October 31 at the Weston Club, 1 Liardet St Weston.

This article appears in the Southside Chronicle – 23 October 2012 – by Max Kwiatkowski

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