Refused – Proposed Development of Block 3 Section 12 Coombs – the ZAPARI Development

Council is very pleased that the Proposed Development of Block 3 Section 12 Coombs – the ZAPARI Development has been refused on numerous grounds by ACTPLA.

Some of these reasons include:

  • The proposal is inconsistent with Zone Objectives for the RZ5 High Density Residential Zone.  The assessment concluded that the proposed development will not be conducive to a high standard of residential amenity.
  • The development fails to make a positive contribution to the neighbourhood and the prevailing landscape character of the area.
  • The proposal did not promote good solar access on the subject site, or the adjoining dwellings.
  • The proposal failed to demonstrate the suitability of the development for the site, having regard to the size, configuration and orientation of the site.
  • The proposal also did not demonstrate the suitability of the land for the proposed development.
  • The proposal failed to acknowledge or to provide any substantial analysis and/or modelling to establish the likely [potentially adverse] impacts of a proposed development on the immediate and surrounding environment – including the proposed yield of this development on remaining urban development within the wider [Molonglo Valley] community.
  • The application was furthermore refused because it was found to be inconsistent with the Territory Plan.

The full decision can be read here.

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