Council unhappy with Proposed Bus Network

Council has provided a detailed submission on the proposed Bus network. Our biggest concerns are the impact on Cooleman Court, commuters and school children.

The Submission can be read here.

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  1. I absolutely agree with most comments put forward in the Council’s submission, but cannot agree with the so called compromise of reinstating the ‘Wyangala Loop’ to the proposed Route 65, yet still have it terminating at Cooleman Court, rather than it continuing on to Woden. Duffy and Holder residents want to travel to Woden as well! All that it will mean is that it takes longer to get to Cooleman Court to wait at a non-existent interchange for a connection that will come who knows when. Might be easier to move to Kambah – at least they’ll have a bus that goes direct to Woden. Or Queanbeyan, come to think of it….

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