Athletics Fields and Sporting Facilities in Weston Creek

Following a change of Government, meetings were held between the WCCC Executive and the Education and Community Facilities Minister Simon Corbel MLA on 7 Feb 2002. Representations were made that if the former Holder High School Oval were to be used for other purposes adequate sporting facilities would need to be provided to Weston Creek residents in respect of the loss of the open space amenity. The improvement of the sport and recreation facilities for ALL Weston Creek residents and sporting organisations was given as an alternate.

Also on 2 July 2002 the WCCC Executive again reiterated with Minister Corbell the need to consider alternate improvements in Weston Creek to compensate for the loss of the Holder High School Oval site and the need to gain the provision of facilities at Chapman was raised in the context of the initial concerns of 1999.

Minister Corbell responded on 5 August 2002 indicating that quote “I am also advised that Canberra Urban Parks and Places has set aside funding in its Capital Works program for an upgrade of the existing change rooms and other facilities at Chapman Oval and a call for a tender for detailed design of the new facilities is currently out.”

The WCCC will actively pursue this offer of the Minister to ensure appropriate, adequate and widespread community consultation is undertaken to ensure the at the facility built at the Chapman Oval meets the needs of the community and is adequate compensation for the removal on the amenity of the ex-Holder High School Oval.

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