An open letter to all residents of Canberra regarding the proposed Gungahlin to Civic Tramway

The Weston Creek Community Council (WCCC) is a non-political, voluntary community lobby group for the residents of Weston Creek. The Council was founded in 1991.

The WCCC believes that adequate and cost-effective public transport should be in place for Gungahlin residents, just as it should be in place for all residents of Canberra.

The Gungahlin to Civic tramway proposal is projected to absorb $80-$100 million of public monies which would otherwise be available for services/facilities that would benefit the whole Canberra community. This substantial expenditure translates to $800-$1,000 for every household in Canberra. Due to the scale of the projected expenditure (just less than one third of the 2002-2003 ACT budget expenditure for ACT Government schools) the Weston Creek community believes that all Canberrans should be able to comment on the appropriateness or otherwise of this major expenditure.

Members of the WCCC have conducted extensive research of publicly available information concerning the advantages and disadvantages of tramway systems and the attached discussion paper has been prepared to evaluate this information. It is our belief that there are other more cost-effective transport systems than the proposed tramway.

The WCCC invites all residents of Canberra to review our paper and make their own judgement on the proposal. Any comments on our paper can be forwarded to the WCCC Chairperson at one of the above contacts.

Yours faithfully

Jeff Carl

Chairperson, Weston Creek Community Council

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