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The announcement of an Inquiry into Canberra’s national institutions is welcomed by our Council. It is an opportunity for the Canberra Community to speak out about the ongoing cuts to these oganisations. We have seen the government’s efficiency dividend – relentless cutbacks in the guise of responsible austerity – hit the national cultural institutions over the years including the National Gallery of Australia, the National Library, the National Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. The National Archives and the National Film and Sound Archive. All of these Institutions have steadily reduced staff numbers and services as have Screen Australia and the National Maritime Museum.

Canberra, home to most of the country’s national collections, has also felt the pinch over the past decade, not least because the institutions are among its biggest drawcard, as a city and a tourist destination and we need them in a form that can provide the services that are needed from our various National collections. It is no earthly good having these Collections if the people can’t get to see them because there are not enough staff to update collections or to set up Exhibitions.

We need the community to have their say on this so please do!!!  Don’t leave it to someone else or we will find that we will no longer have the Institutions in any servicable form.

Information can be found at

A submission should be made by 8 May 2018 to

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