South Tralee Residential Development


The WCCC has made a submission to the Queanbeyan Council’s Draft Local Environmental Plan (South Tralee) 2009 in respect to the proposed rezoning of land at South Tralee for residential development. Public comment closes on 22 December 2009.


The Mayor,
Queanbeyan City Council

Submission in Relation to the Proposal to Rezone the land at South Tralee for Residential Development

The Weston Creek Community Council [WCCC] would like to make the following comments in relation to the proposal to Rezone the land at South Tralee as Residential.

The WCCC holds the view that housing development should avoid land affected by aircraft noise.  This Submission is not so much about the rezoning per se but rather what will occur if the rezoning goes ahead.  If the rezoning of the land at South Tralee is agreed to then people will be buying and building houses in a known flight path area where the noise footprint extends further than the actual flight path.

The Canberra/Queanbeyan Community has already seen a move of the landing and take-off paths to the south of Canberra Airport when people, who had knowingly bought and built in Jerrabomberra, complained about aircraft noise and were subsequently instrumental in gaining a 15 degree shift to the west in the landing and take-off path at the Airport to reduce this noise.  This flight path now passes just to the east of the proposed South Tralee development and, from information from Canberra Airport, the majority of the proposed development area appears to be covered by the 65dBA noise level from Boeing 767 aircraft.

Given that the noise factor is already present in the area proposed at South Tralee for development, the Weston Creek Community Council would not agree to any change in the Current Noise Abatement Areas for Canberra Airport.  These have been in place since about 1995 and work well for the vast majority of people in the Canberra/Queanbeyan area.

The WCCC considers it unreasonable that people living in other areas of Canberra and Queanbeyan should be expected to “share the noise” because of a residential housing development going ahead under the present noise and flight paths of Canberra Airport.


Tom Anderson
Deputy Chairman
Weston Creek Community Council
17 December 2009

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