DA Approval for ‘supportive units’ Chapman

ACTPLA have advised the Council that the development of supportive units at Chapman has been approved, subject to conditions.

Broadly the approval:

  • * Is for 31 Units, not the originally proposed 32 – Unit 20 has been removed.
  • * Access to and from the site will be by turning left only into and out of the development from Streeton Drive with a concrete median strip opposite the entrance;
  • * The issue of noise from the Church has been considered and the relevant Units (16 to 19) are set back approximately 8.5 metres from the boundary while the required setback is 3.0 metres;
  • * The issue of mature tree removal has been referred to the Conservator for comments though a number of trees are said to be in poor condition.
  • * Parking for tenants at one space per unit and 8 visitors parking spaces is assessed as adequate.

A full copy of the ACTPLA decision is available here »…

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