June 22 Newsletter

Council invites the Weston Creek Community to the 29 June 2022 public meeting which will focus on energy supply and efficiency. We know there is widespread interest in energy following the recent energy strains. Our guest speakers will be Peter Billing, General Manager, and Derrin Limbrick, Strategic Account Manager, Evo Energy. Peter will be providing an overview of how the ACT household sector was unaffected during the recent energy shortfalls.

We have also arranged for sustainability architect Jodie Pipkorn and Paul Nagle, experienced NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) assessor and sustainability consultant to discuss their experiences with both new and older Canberra housing. Jodie and Paul have provided biographies that are available on our Facebook page.

We have also invited incoming MLA Ed Cocks to attend and outline how he sees his new role.




The meeting will be webcast live via our Facebook pages. Questions that we receive will be presented to the speakers. Please let us know your questions in advance by email or the Facebook pages. We request that people asking questions during the meeting identify themselves and use one of the available microphones to ensure people viewing remotely can understand the full context of discussions.

It is that time of year when Council works on how to conduct of the Annual General Meeting. The background work required includes finalising the accounts, preparing statutory reporting and organising the agenda for the meeting. The process is streamlined, but important to complete correctly. We are working towards holding an October AGM.

We will call for nominations for Committee positions when we have finalised the AGM planning. If you can contribute a little bit of your time to assist the community, taking up a committee position can be very rewarding. Feel free to contact myself of any Committee member should you wish to become involved. Alternatively, volunteering to assist on a specific task would be warmly welcomed.


Congratulations to our Federal Parliamentary representatives for being either returned or elected for the first time. We look forward to being able to meet with Senators Katy Gallagher and David Pocock, and Mr David Smith MP to discuss Weston Creek specific issues they may be able to assist with. While we would like to discuss the role of the National Capital Authority in local planning matters (eg the LDK Cotter Road development) and how the Federal Blackspots Program chooses problem areas on our road network for rectification. I am sure there are other issues. Please let us know of anything you think should put on the agenda.

Moving to the Legislative Assembly, congratulations to Mr Ed Cocks for being elected to the vacant Murrumbidgee MLA position that arose following Mrs Giulia Jones’ resignation. We look forward to forming a positive relationship with Mr Cocks.

On the NCA, Works Approval has been given for the Construction of an Aged Care Facility Blocks 1151 and 864 Weston Creek. While Council did not oppose the facility and it appears to be an approved use of the site, we remain particularly concerned about some potential impacts on traffic using Cotter Road, during and after construction, as well as the lack of public transport access. There are also safety concerns for pedestrians seeking to access Curtin. Is this the beginning of a further redevelopment along Cotter Road? The approval documents and Council’s public statements on the approval are available on Council’s website (westoncreek.org.au).

Council completed its analysis of the draft ACT Planning Bill and lodged a substantive submission discussing our view of the draft Bill. This was very much a collaborative effort, and it was really pleasing to receive input from members of the community that we were able to incorporate in the submission. In short, the draft Bill is an immature piece of policy work, and mostly deficient in the areas of governance and probity.

The full submission is available on Council’s website, and we invite any further comments in preparation for a likely Assembly Committee hearing.  Thank you to everyone who helped us with this major piece of work. We also appreciated the positive feedback we have been receiving on the final version.

The Brierly Street upgrade project remains the subject of consultations. Council representatives have attended two meetings with the design team. We hope a set of options will be ready for community consultation shortly. We hope the design team receives good quality community feedback. Our previously expressed views that the project budget is unlikely to be sufficient to satisfy the aspirations of the community. We suggest the next Territory Budget provide sensible additional investment to ensure the delivery of an upgrade suitable for this busy precinct.

Representations on the Village Building Company Development Application for the former AFP site (the Fetherston Development) on Streeton Drive closed on 20 May 2022. We eagerly await the decision on this development proposal.

Council also lodged submissions for the Territory’s 2022-2023 Budget, the Urban Tree Bill and the Raiders’ Club application to remove the concessional status of the lease at 1 Brierly St Weston. These submissions are also available on Council’s website. Council recommended the Raiders’ Club application be subject to further community consultation.

Over recent months, I have been speaking about Fix my Street.  Council continues to hear about matters that remain unaddressed. We encourage residents to continue reporting their concerns via Fix my Street, and if they are not resolved to report the issue to your preferred local MLA.

Ending on a positive note, Council and the Fetherston Gardens Friends will be hosting a family focussed event in Fetherston Gardens on Sunday, 30 October 2022. You may like to save the date.


The Weston Creek Community Council (WCCC) continues to be a forum for residents to meet, share ideas and to convey concerns to government. We are non-partisan, advocating for the best services and facilities for the people of Weston Creek.  To continue to function successfully we need community input and feedback. Feel free to let us know what we have done well, or not so well.

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