Feedback for draft district strategies and draft new Territory Plan – Consultation extended

Council, and other groups and individuals emphatically told the Planning Directorate that the consultation period for considering the draft district strategies and draft new Territory Plan were unreasonable. The Planning Directorate has this afternoon advised the new closing date is Friday 3 March 2023 (see email below).  We again encourage as many people as possible to submit comments into this important work.

FROM: EPSDD Communications, Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate | ACT Governmentr

We have just finished our first six weeks of consultation for the draft district strategies and the draft new Territory Plan, and we have already received great feedback through YourSay, workshops and pop-ups across Canberra

As you know, the ACT Government is proposing significant changes to our planning system including a new Territory Plan and a new level of planning—district strategies. Your feedback will help us understand your aspirations and will help the Government shape the district strategies and new Territory Plan.

The consultation period has been extended by Government until Friday 3 March 2023.

We are currently planning a variety of consultation activities for late January and February. More details will be provided soon on the YourSay website.

We encourage you all to keep up to date on what is happening in your area and to encourage you to get involved in the engagement program.

There will not be a further extension provided and late submissions will not be accepted. This will allow the Directorate to deliver a new planning system in mid-2023.

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