Collections for residential waste and recycling bins to start from 5am

From Monday 23 March 2020, collections for residential waste and recycling bins will start from 5am.

Residential red and yellow bin collections are a critical service and, as a proactive measure to provide some separation between drivers to prevent service disruptions, drivers will work staggered shifts from Monday.

Whilst this may cause a slight shake up to people’s usual routines, it’s important that waste contractors have safeguards in place to ensure they can continue to deliver this service. The earlier start time of 5 am has been approved by the ACT Environment Protection Authority regarding noise impacts.

It would be appreciated if you can please share this advice with your stakeholders/followers.

The main message we want them to takeaway is to please put your bins on the kerb the night before their collection to ensure they are picked up.

There is currently no change to the start times of green bin collections which will remain as 7 am.

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