Call for Police Station and More Police in Molonglo Valley







JEREMY HANSON MLA:    I give notice that I shall move –

  1. That this Assembly notes:
    1. The latest Report on Government Services (ROGS) from the Productivity Commission shows that the ACT has the lowest number of police per-capita in Australia.
    2. ROGS shows that the ACT has fewer sworn operational staff now than it did nearly a decade ago.
    3. ROGS shows that the ACT spends the least per-capita on police in Australia and this amount has declined over the decade.
    4. The ACT Government cut $15million from the ACT Policing in 2013.
    5. The Australian federal Police Association (AFPA) say that ‘Police officers are constantly asked to do more with less and police officers are breaking as a result’.
    6. The significant population growth in the Molonglo region of Canberra.
    7. The reports of criminal activity in Molonglo Valley and adjacent suburbs in Weston Creek.
    8. The lack of a permanent police presence in Molonglo or Weston Creek.
  2. That this Assembly calls on the ACT Government to:
    1. Increase the number of police to at least match per-capita levels with NSW by 2024.
    2. Establish a permanent police station in Molonglo Valley by the end of 2022.

Jeremy Hanson MLA

April 2021

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