Weston Creek Community Council – September 2011 Chronicle

Weston Creek residents are about to be impacted by a number of significant road projects related to development of the Molonglo Valley, senior representatives the ACT government told a recent public meeting of the Weston Creek Community Council.

On 31 August 2011, the Council held its Annual General Meeting, preceded by a well-attended community forum. Guest speakers at the forum included David Dawes from the Economic Development Directorate, Tony Gill from Roads ACT, and a representative from the Land Development Agency.

The speakers provided an update on the Molonglo development and major road projects about to commence around Weston Creek. The first project will involve replacing the roundabout on Cotter Road / Kirkpatrick St with traffic lights. These roadworks will take an astounding nine months to complete, with Cotter Rd traffic reduced to one lane in each direction during construction. Residents are advised to consider using alternative routes during this time.

Other works in the pipeline include reconfiguring the Dixon-Unwin-Streeton Drive intersection, and a duplication of Cotter Road east of the Parkway. Overall, three years of traffic disruption are envisaged.

The meeting also heard that the first wave of Molonglo residents will initially have no shops or schools of their own, but will have to rely on Weston Creek’s already overstretched services. This concerned many audience members, who for years have been lobbying for improved facilities with very limited success, and who feared a further loss of amenity to Molonglo. Future traffic problems were another hot topic of debate.

The meeting welcomed the Government’s forthcoming master plan for Cooleman Court, which provides an opportunity to address some of the issues around local facilities over the longer term.

The AGM elected the Council’s committee for 2011-12, including Tom Anderson as Chair. Over the coming year the Weston Creek Community Council is determined to work hard to ensure the Government is aware of the community’s concerns, in particular with regard to Molonglo and the burden it is expected to place on the local area, its roads and services.

Our next Public Meeting will be held on Wednesday 28 September.

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