Meet Your Candidates – 28 Sep 16

It’s Election time for the ACT Legislative Assembly and this month is a “Meet the Candidates” night at our Public Meeting.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday 28 September at 7.30 pm at St Jude’s Primary School Hall in Mulley Street, Holder. 

This is your opportunity to come along and meet the Candidates for Murrumbidgee [Our Electorate] and listen and ask questions of them.  We have asked Louise Maher of ABC 666 [and a resident of Weston Creek] to moderate the evening and we are very thankful to her for doing this again for our Community.

There have been plenty of promises from the major political parties in the lead-up to this election.  Whatever the make-up of the Assembly, we need to hold the politicians to account for the promises that they have made.

A list of attending candidates include:
Liberal Party:
• Jeremy Hanson
• Giulia Jones
• Peter Hosking
• Jessica Adelan-Langford
• Paul House

Labor Party:
• Chris Steel
• Mark Kulasingham

Greens Party:
• Caroline Le Couteur
• Emma Davidson

Community Alliance Party:

• Michael Lindfield

Liberal Democrats Party:
• Said to be sending two Candidates

Australian Sex Party:
• Said to be sending two Candidates

Sustainable Australia Party:

• Mark O’Connor

Like Canberra Party

• Rod Vickers
• Shelley Dickerson

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