Government Releases 50+ Network (Enhancing the Quality of Life of People Aged 50+) Survey Results

In August 2010 the ACT Government commissioned a pilot project in Weston Creek to identify the needs of people aged 50+ in the local community and deliver a pilot information and advisory service and a range of social events.

In particular, the project focussed on consulting with people in this age group to determine what services they may require to live comfortably in their own homes and the social and recreational activities they desire to enhance their quality of life.

Council is dissappointed that 18 months after the survey was commissioned, no decision has been made by Government on a Pilot Project. The Report says that “the pilot aims to model for the ACT an adaptable prototype based on the Virtual Village network concept. The long term goal is the development and implementation of a Seniors Network Service business serving all 50+ ACT residents, which would operate as a self funded, sustainable community program.”

Council would like to know when Government will make an announcement on this Report. The Government released the report in November 2011 which is available here » …

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