General Meeting – “Meet the Candidates” Wednesday, 26 September 2012 Weston Club, at 7.30pm

Who will you vote for on 20 October 2012?

 Come along and meet the people who want to represent us, especially the ones who show the interest to attened and address Weston Creek issues.  Find out what they propose for Canberra and for Weston Creek. 

Find out what they propose for Canberra and for Weston Creek.

 Ask them about . . .

•           Impact of Molonglo on Weston Creek

•           Parking at Cooleman Court

•           Renewal of Weston Precinct under the Master Plan

•           Transport issues—Buses, Cars, Bikes

•           Planning and Development in Molonglo

•           Environmental Issues—Weston Ponds

 The Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher, has said she is planning to attend with the ALP Team for Molonglo.

We expect candidates from the other parties will also be anxious to get their message out.

 Come along and find out if you want them to represent you!

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