European Wasp Warning

Council has received the following information from Jenny Connoly (Invasive Species Officer, City Services) regarding the current European Wasp situation in the ACT. Please heed the warning and be cautious as these wasps are aggressive and the consequences from multiple wasp stings are very serious indeed.

The ACT is currently experiencing a very dangerous European Wasp season. The wasps are prolific along creeks, rivers and other water bodies. The wasps are entering the breeding season and will not hesitate to sting and attack if a nest is disturbed.

I have attached an information sheet, which includes first aid advice and also a cluster of nests located yesterday at Jerrabomberra/Mill Creek in Narrabundah. Please, can any groups active in this area not go near long grass where the wasps are nesting.

Nests can be recorded using the eWasp app, as per the information on the brochure.

The take home message here is to be careful, stay safe and if you get into trouble- seek immediate first aid assistance.

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