Chronicle – October 2010

Our next Public meeting will be held on Wednesday 27th of October at the Weston Club at 7.30 pm.

“Sustainability is the word of this year and really is a cover word for population, land use and planning, transport, development and water. These issues remain at the forefront of all discussion on issues in the ACT. To brief the Community on these issues we have invited Representatives of the Chief Minister’s Department to speak about “Time to Talk – Canberra 2030”.

This is an opportunity for the people of Weston Creek to come along and let the Government know what they love about Canberra and what they would like Canberra to be in 20 years time.

We have also asked Representatives of the Business & Industry Development area of the Chief Minister’s Department to give a brief introduction to the Framework report and to answer any questions the Weston Creek community may have. This relates to work that the ACT Government has commissioned with the University of Canberra to produce a scoping study titled — Framework for an Australian Capital Territory Clean Economy Strategy: Economic, Environmental and Social Perspectives — which provides the basis for a conversation on a clean economy strategy.

As you can see, both of these issues are broadly aligned and are the issues that will affect our community in the future so it is important to come along and listen and speak to these representatives.

Last month the Director of Roads ACT, Tony Gill, attended our Public Meeting and confirmed that the proposed Dixon Drive/Unwin Place/Streeton Drive intersection will now be controlled by traffic lights. This is a welcome outcome and Council believes a much safer option and Roads ACT need to be congratulated for this decision.

Again on planning issues, I would urge all residents of Weston Creek to continue to monitor the Weston Creek Community Council’s website at to ensure that something that you don’t want gets approved close to where you live.

I look forward to seeing you at the next Public meeting.

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