logoThe Weston Creek Community Council logo was designed in 2006 by Barbara Brinton.

The 8 squares represent the 8 suburbs in geographic order according to map location: DUFFY, HOLDER, WESTON, RIVETT, STIRLING, WARAMANGA, CHAPMAN, FISHER

The square is a symbol of order, symmetry and reassurance. The spaces indicate discrete existence within a whole, ‘breathing space’. The missing square represents the ‘gaps’ which WCCC identifies and actions.

The logo is easy to remember therefore quickly identifiable. Helvetica lower case script was used because it is available on any electronic program, and is easy to read and reproduce (at that time). The colour of the logo is Black, which is inexpensive to reproduce. As a graphic item, squares are easy to reproduce, including in text form. The size of the logo can be varied for use on small items such as magnets, business cards, stationery, or shirt embroidery, or for large item such as huge banners. The whole design forms a rectangle, which is easy to adapt to any shaped item.

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