Youth Recreation Facility

The Weston Creek Community Council (WCCC) assisted the Dept of Urban Services (the provider) and Totalcare Projects (the sub-contractor) in community consultation to identify a preferred location for youth recreation facilities.

The funding of $395,000 for youth recreation was secured and welcomed by Weston Creek residents. Consultation by the WCCC revealed differences of opinion on where the facility should be located. Different sites were proposed. The site would need to be accessible and the safety of users of the facility was paramount. The effects of vandalism and graffiti on adjacent and nearby buildings needed to be taken into account.

Totalcare Projects were invited to the October 1997 meeting of the WCCC and presented preliminary ideas. The WCCC responded suggesting the youth recreation facility needs to meet the expectations of our youth and the provision of appropriate equipment for the age group is critical. A total of 12 sites were suggested and investigations requested.

These were:

Deeks Run

Holder High School Oval

Holder Primary School Oval

Archery Field, Holder

Adjacent to Hilder Street Weston carpark

Weston Primary School Oval

Adjacent to the Scout Hall in Weston

Behind Cooleman Court

Parkinson / Brierly St – open space near Cooleman Court

Adjacent to Royals carpark (Streeton Dr / Hindmarsh Dr intersection)

Adjacent to Stirling Netball fields where a small facility exists

Adjacent to Stirling College

At the February 1998 monthly meeting of WCCC the Dept of Urban Services identified the constraints and opportunities of 11 of the above sites. They did not investigate the Holder Primary School Oval (for unknown reasons).

That meeting was advised of the opportunities and constraints of each site and there was significant concern by attendees that insufficient work had been undertaken by government to have the information available to make an informed decision.

Representations were made to politicians to ensure bureaucrats took into account public comments and did not continue on a pre-determined course of action. Through continuing lobbying, the Government re-visited its community consultation using an independent person.

The issue of the youth recreation facility continued to receive publicity (see Press Coverage) and the WCCC continued to lobby the Dept of Urban Services to ensure that all views were considered.

The location for the facility near the Weston Scout Hall was one that was made through informed discussion with the community. The facility was opened on Saturday 4th March 2000.

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