Wright, Coombs Betrayed

This is the re-action of the Coombs and Wright communities with ACTPLA’s decision to “roll over” at the first sign of contest by a developer.  Their decision to halt the ACAT Hearing with the proposed POD development in Coombs is a failure to defend the community and their own legislation that they administer.

In the communities view, they have capitulated when they have been tested by the developer.  In four and a half pages of reasons why the development request for re-consideration should not be approved, ACTPLA said

The land is still not considered suitable for a development at the revised scale and density. The cumulative impacts of the inappropriate development for the site results in poor residential amenity within the block, adverse impacts on the streetscape and landscape character of the area. lt significantly departs from the intentions of the EDP and the dwelling restriction in the Crown lease.”

And yet we now read that the ACTPLA has “agreed” to the development with some amendments.  The Community would like to see the detail of these and to measure them against each of the criteria that the development was refused.

This just gives the green light to developers in Molonglo to propose what they like – irrespective of the rules – and ride roughshod over the Community and ACTPLA.  If we thought things were bad in Coombs and Wright with virtually no shops or supermarket, this outcome just confirms that our gun shy Government continues to display a distinct lack of leadership in matters involving developers and their “independent” planning authority is rapidly becoming the “unaccountable” planning authority!

Tom Anderson
Weston Creek Community Council

This Letter to the Editor appeared in The Canberra Times 19 December 2019

Also Zapari has just been refused their application for Re-Consideration

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