WCCC Submission on the 2016-17 Budget

Budget-bannerWCCC’s major concern in framing the forthcoming ACT Budget is to address the needs of the Weston Creek Community. Some of the services they require have been requested numerous times over a number of years. It is frustrating to observe that they will be provided to the new Molonglo Community or the Woden community and once more the people of Weston Creek will miss out.  Council also commented on:

  • Upgrade of the Cotter Road;
  • Second petrol station for Weston Creek/Molonglo;
  • Draft Master Plan for Weston Group Centre;
  • A new community centre;
  • Fetherston Gardens;
  • Changing population issues;
  • Transportation;
  • Upgrade of the Fisher Shops; and
  • Broad issues of TAMS underfunding, waste disposal, parking, light rail, Molonglo, focus on northern Canberra, loss of green space and sporting facilities.

The Submission can be accessed here …

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