Timetable to tempt riders
Route shuffle boosts frequency

ACTIONHIGHER frequency bus travel has been introduced to Weston Creek after the community raised concern about lack of incentives to use public transport.

The change has come amid discussion about the possible introduction of a bike and ride facility at Cooleman Court.

The facilily would provide another option for cyclists using public transport, but many riders in Weston Creek believe the bike and ride would not be an attractive option.

However Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development Simon Corbell said an increase in the frequency of buses would provide another option for cyclists.

“We’ve staggered when the buses leave so they’re alternating every half an-hour whereas previously these buses used to leave together,” Mr Corbell said.

“So we’re improving frequency at Weston Creek and the bike and ride facility is an option that we are keen for people to give their feedback on.”

Previously residents had to wait closer to an hour between buses.

Mr Corbell said it was a big change to the Weston Creek route that would eventually work into a major rewrite of the bus network for late next year.

Weston Creek Community Council public officer Tom Anderson said Woden had proved a morc atrtractive option for cyclisls and there was concern about demand for bike and ride in Weston Creek.

“The bike riders say it docsn’t really provide any benefit because even the direct service buses from [Cooleman Court] wind their way through the suburbs and take 20 minutes before they leave Weston Creek,” Mr Anderson said.

“My view is you have to have a rethink about what you want to achieve. If you want to achieve getting people out of their cars and onto buses then you’ ve got to achieve a better service.

“I don’t know if they’ve really thought it through.”

He said from what bike riders had told him high frequency bus options were preferable than riding to a stop where you would have to wait for a long period. The government is mindful of the feedback and is continuing with discussions on the issue.

“Our policies arc all about providing more transport choices,” Mr Corbell said. “For some people Woden is a legitimate choice because it’s easy and they are fit enough to cycle from suburbs in Weston Creek to Woden.

“But if you’re not that fit, ifyou’re riding from Duffy or Chapman to Woden then that is a pretty long ride and quite a hilly ride so that is not a good option for everyone.

“But it is important that the community has a say and obviously there is no point in installing the facilities if the community doesn’t think it is needed.”

Published in the Southside Chronicle 29 May 2012 – by Mark Sawa

Editor’s note: Departure times for services from Woden to Weston Creek (Routes 25/28 and Routes 26/27) have been reworked to provide passengers with 30 minute frequency..  Timetables with effect 28 May 2012 are available here » …

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