The Coombs Shops

Council writes to Minister Gentleman on the Coombs Shops stating ” it’s time to take decisive action to resolve the situation”.
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  1. Alison Hutchison

    I have been advised to expect a response from Minister Gordon Ramsay to my email seeking government action about the options outlined in the WCCC letter.

    The office of Mick Gentleman, MLA writes that “This particular aspect of the Coombs Shops issue sits within the portfolio responsibilities of Minister Gordon Ramsay.”

    Minister Ramsay is responsible for a number of portfolios. I wonder which one is relevant here? Possibly the Attorney General role. In which case, presumably, the Coombs Shops imbroglio has been moved from being a planning matter to a legal matter for ACT government.

  2. The social and environmental impact of the Coombs shops cannot be underestimated. Elderly and disabled from Weston Creek struggling for parking and movement through the now severely overcrowded Cooleman Court shopping precinct. Weston Creek with a big aged and often disabled population living in surrounding retirement villages staring in bewilderment as they try to shop in the overcrowded atmosphere.

    Molonglo Valley residents many with young families with prams and toddlers trying to purchase their groceries in this apocalyptic environment. Residents from the Molonglo without transport pushing shopping trolleys back into the Molonglo from Cooleman Court over long distances. It is impossible to bring the weekly shop of affordable groceries home for a family on public transport.

    The cost and environmental damage to the general Molonglo community of driving their cars from Molonglo past the virtually empty Coombs shops on the approx 10 kilometre round journey to Cooleman Court for affordable groceries. The Coombs shops having severely impacted on the liveability of residents in their suburbs of Coombs and Wright and making a joke of a climate change emergency in the ACT.

    And still after 5 years we have the almost vacant Coombs shops other than our much valued Ajijo Convenience Store, in need of urgent Government intervention for the communities of Weston Creek and the Molonglo.

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