Submission for the ACT Legislative Assembly Electoral Boundaries ReDistribution 2015

The Weston Creek Community Council has lodged a Submission in Relation to the ACT Legislative Assembly Electoral Boundaries Redistribution 2015

Council would prefer that the boundaries for the five electorates be based primarily on geographic boundaries.  This is our preference and the Electorate Act should be changed to allow this to occur rather than have divided Districts as we have had for most Elections in the ACT.

Given that this is most unlikely to occur, Council suggests the following electorates:

 Council clearly wants Weston Creek to remain as one entity.  Our connection, if it is with any other settled District at the moment, is with Woden though we are far closer now to the Molonglo District as it develops.  This combined Electorate [Weston Creek, Woden and Molonglo] will grow with the development of Molonglo.   

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