Stromlo Leisure Facility Update 

ACT Property Group provided an update at the August Public Meeting of Council. The images here are the preliminary designs only and may well change for the final design.

The information provided was:

· The feasibility study was carried out in 2012.

· An ALP 2016 election commitment was $33m for a 50m pool and a program pool in Stromlo Forest Park.

· In 2017, there was community consultation on what other facilities people would like.

· These were a splash park, a gym and seating in excess of 500

· In February 2018 the government added $3.6m to include a 950m2, 24 hour access gym/health club, leisure pool (including toddlers pool), a splash park and increased seating.

· The facility will be built on an overflow carpark.

· The successful tenderer was KANE Constructions and the lead architect is Cox Architects.

· Phase One was design approval from the National Capital Authority (July 2018).

· Phase Two was the building approval and construction (July 2018).

· The design includes an eight lane 50m lap pool, a five lane 20m program pool with a moveable boom, gym/health club, leisure pool (including toddlers pool), a splash park, seating for 500 people, a crèche, sealed parking for 200+ cars, extra unsealed parking, an inside/outside café, public toilets, an adult change room with an adjustable hoist and a family change room.

· All will be accessible.

· There will be acoustic systems inside to lower the noise.

· ACT Property is currently working with TCCS to get a bus stop at the facility.

· The official sod turn by Deputy Chief Minister Yvette Berry, MLA is 13 September 2018.

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