Stirling – Holder Housing Infill

The WCCC invited to the February 2000 regular monthly meeting Tony Beauchamp from Defence Housing Authority (DHA) who brought with him Robb Gourgaud, Construction Manager of DHA, and Mike Breen from the consulting traffic engineers Hughes, Trueman and Reinhold who were assisting DHA.

Tony indicated that 100 houses were required to meet the needs of staff and students at the upgrade Defence Forces College on Cotter Road. Approximately 50 were to be built on the Streeton Drive site and they were looking at the possibility of building others on a site adjacent to the former Holder High School.

Tony indicated that that DHA were offered the parcel of land in Streeton Drive, Stirling from the ACT Government as part of the normal land release program. The land had been identified as residential purposes in the Territory plan. It was indicated that that an access road would be provided from Streeton Drive to an internal road network and that approximately 50 houses would be built. These would range from 2/3/4 bedrooms with some single and double storey townhouses. The exact configuration was yet to be determined.

Robb advised the meeting of the construction details including commencement in June 2000, completion in December 2000 and occupation in January 2001 to start the new academic year at the Defence College.

Mike Breen provided the meeting with an overview of possible options for traffic measures in Streeton Drive to cope with the increased traffic and to improve pedestrian access and safety.

The questions that were raised included:

Streeton Drive housing

  • Why is the exact number of dwellings at the Streeton Drive Site not known?
  • What type of dwellings will be built?
  • What will be the effect on bird life?
  • Why is a previously zoned open space being used?
  • Why can’t other sites in Weston Creek be considered?
  • How many trees are to be removed?
  • How will children cross Streeton Drive to Rivett Primary?
  • Will students from Rivett still have access to Canberra College (Stirling Campus)?
  • How long will the tenants stay in the houses?
  • When will the plans be open for public comment?
  • How may houses will have direct driveways onto Streeton Drive

Streeton Drive traffic

  • Why are speed humps being placed on a main road like Stratton Drive?
  • How big are the pedestrian refuges? [Compared with Namitjira Drive and/or Badimara Street].
  • How will cars get past buses stopped at bus stops on Streeton Drive, which are alongside pedestrian refuges?
  • Will the options on the plan increase congestion on the road?
  • Will there be turning lanes?
  • Are pedestrian lights to be installed
  • Why can’t a proper intersection be formed at Bangalay Cres?
  • When will plans be available to comment on?
  • Could the raised speed humps be moved further along the road to help slow traffic near where parents drop off and collect children for Chapman Primary School?
  • Will the pedestrian refuges help children move to Rivett primary and Canberra College -Stirling? Will they be opposite existing footpaths?
  • Will the options for Streeton Drive be available for public comment in DA?

Holder High School development

  • What was the area adjacent to the former Holder High which was to be used for Houses?
  • How many were expected to be built?
  • Were the ovals to be used for houses?
  • Is there any documentation available for public use?
  • When will the ACT government advise residents?
  • Why does DHA know so little?
  • What is the effect on the use of the current building and the adjacent primary school?



The WCCC will continue to be involved with the issues of housing infill in Holder and Stirling to meet the needs of the Defence Force College.

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