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You may have heard about the “West African Scams”? At the next meeting of the Weston Creek Community Council (WCCC), Mr Gareth Williams from the Office of Regulatory Services will speak about scams, fraud, and your rights as consumers. Put Wednesday 30th June in your diary – see website.

The council phone and email have been busy with Weston Creek residents giving positive feedback on the new traffic arrangements between the Gym and Woolworths carpark. The council lobbied on behalf of pedestrians asking that their safety be looked at by ACT Roads. To date, the feedback is all positive, unlike many of the changes to our local roads which have included speed bumps suddenly appearing on Namajira Drive and those controversial cycle lanes.

On Thursday morning Kirstin Linton and I had the pleasure of meeting with the Chief Minister, John Stanhope and a number of helpful staff from TAMS. The venue was the former CIT Gardens off Heysen Street, Weston. Water has been a big issue in the for the long term survival of this outstanding community asset, but the Chief Minister solved it in a day – it rained solidly for the entire time we toured the gardens. A new suit was on the agenda, before his dinner with the Prime Minister that night! The outcome was an announcement that $50,000 has been allocated from the TAMS budget as seed money to assist in current maintenance, safety, and planning for the large task ahead.

Do you have a little spare time and would like to make a difference in the Weston Creek community? Our next Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 25th August. Feel free to contact me should you have any questions on joining the WCCC committee. This is my final term as Chairman, but I leave behind an outstanding group of volunteers who are very much looking forward to continued positive outcomes for Weston Creek residents. For further information: contact info@www.westoncreek.org.au or 6288 8975.
Tim Dalton
President WCCC
Southside Chronicle

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