Southside Chronicle 17 July 2012

It is a disappointing period for Residents of Weston Creek. The Defence Housing Agency has lodged its application for an Estate Development in North Weston with virtually no discussion let alone consultation with the Community or Council. Yet in its Submission to the Public Works Committee hearing of the Australian Parliament claimed that it had consulted extensively. A request some months ago by Council for discussions on the proposal has still not been answered. This is not a good start.

Similarly, while it is good news that the Weston Group Centre Preliminary Master Plan will be released on 21 July for comment it only highlights the fact that there are no Public facilities in the Cooleman Court area to display the Plan. Successive Governments have failed the Weston Creek Community in this respect. The Plan has to be displayed in the Woden Library which is not in the Weston Creek area at all. There will ONLY be two Saturdays during the 40 day consultation period when the Plan will be available in Weston Creek for consultation. This is only 5% of the consultation period and is simply not good enough when the future of the Cooleman Court area is for residents of Weston Creek not Woden to comment on the proposal.

Council has commenced an on-line Survey of the Weston Creek Community which concludes on 23 July. It is a simple survey of 9 questions seeking residents views on the issues and concerns which are of most important to them in their Suburb and to Weston Creek and what we should ask of Candidates in the run-up to the ACT Election in October. The Survey is open to all Weston Creek Residents so please have your say by going to the Council Website at This will enable Council to better represent the interests of all Residents and hopefully better the Weston Creek Community. If you don’t have access to the Internet please telephone Council on 62888975 and we will provide a hard copy for you to complete.

Territory And Municipal Services are taking a trial of measures to reduce the illegal dumping of goods at Charity Bins. This means that they will be removing bins from Waramanga, Duffy, Rivett, Fisher and Holder shopping centres with Charities given the opportunity to place two bins in certain locations around Cooleman Court. Council will watch this trial with interest as the dumping of goods around the community is of concern to all.

The next Meeting of the Weston Creek Community Council will be held on Wednesday 25 July at the Weston Club at 7.30 pm. Our Guest Speaker this month will be Mr Tony Gill, Director of Roads ACT.

This is an opportunity to ask the person in charge about roadworks on the Cotter Road, parking at Cooleman Court, the Implications of the Master Plan for the Weston Centre for traffic around Cooleman Court including where do trucks park, the realignment of Dixon Drive and what is happening with the North Weston Ponds.

To keep up to date with all issues affecting Weston Creek, please monitor the Weston Creek Community Council’s website at .

I look forward to seeing you at the next Public Meeting.

Tom Anderson

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