Service Station on the Cotter Road Development Application approved with conditions

The 2nd Service Station for Weston Creek and Molonglo was approved on 7 December 2017 with a number of conditions. These conditions need to be accepted by the applicants before development can be commenced.

It was subject to a number of conditions:

  • Subdivision of the block to create two parcels with an access easement
    • A service station and a take away food shop building, and
    • A McDonald’s restaurant
  • Re-design the Oporto drive through
  • Relocate the fuel canopy and bowsers to achieve safer and convenient movement of larger truck/fuel trucks
  • Relocate water tanks to allow unobstructed pedestrian access from the car park to the restaurant
  • A direct pedestrian access connection between buildings
  • The Caltex/Oporto sign to be lowered to a maximum of 4 metres and to be non-illuminated
  • The McDonald’s Pylon sign is to be deleted and the sign included as part of the Caltex/Oporto Pylon sign
  • McDonald’s Flag Pole height be reduced to a maximum of 6 metres
  • Plantings along the Cotter road [the east boundary] are to be of advanced stock
  • Revised parking plans are required to include an additional accessible parking space for the McDonald’s restaurant
  • Lighting on the site to ensure that it does not have an adverse effect on adjacent residential developments or Mt Stromlo observatory

The full decision follows:

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