Proposal to Redevelop the Yarramlumla Brickworks site – PUBLIC FORUM

A Public Forum will be held on 7 July 2014 at 7.00 pm Canberra Deakin Football Club  Deakin to discuss the proposed redevlopment of the Yarramlumla Brickworks site.   This proposal can impact on Weston Creek residents.HOW WILL THE PROPOSED HOUSING DEVELOPMENT ON EITHER SIDE OF ADELAIDE AVENUE IMPACT ON RESIDENTS OF WESTON CREEK?

 The ACT Government is planning to build a new housing development for 4,000 people on both sides of Adelaide Avenue, where it meets the Cotter Road near the Canberra brickworks. There would be a massive impact on all Canberra residents living or working nearby and travelling through the area

You will be affected if you:

  • Work in Yarralumla, Deakin  or Curtin, 
  • use the shops, schools, medical and other community facilities in these suburbs
  • travel to and from work via Cotter Road, Dudley Street, Kent and Novar Streets, Adelaide Avenue and Yarra Glen.

 A panel of experts and community representatives will discuss the new development and answer your questions:

 Topics will include the impact on:

  • the design and livability of the new development and on neighbouring communities, including local infrastructure, facilities and green open space
  • the transport corridor from Weston Creek/Molonglo through to Yarralumla/West Deakin, Woden and Civic
  • Canberra’s national capital and garden city values.

This meeting will inform ISCCC’s decision on how to respond to the Government’s consultation on and emerging public concern about this proposal.

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