The Weston Creek Community Council has a number of ‘policies’ which could be considered as principles. These principles have been developed over a number of years of active involvement in the community consultation processes involving; the Commonwealth Government, the ACT Legislative Assembly, ACT Public Servants and local residents.

Generally these polices / principles respect “the right of the individual” and “open and fair decision making”.

  • Each person attending a WCCC meeting has the right to be heard.
  • Each person questioning a resident does so in a polite and respectful manner.
  • Guest Speakers are to be treated in a courteous and professional manner as they are normally representing their employer and are attending in their own time.
  • Decision-making on the use of community facilities in Weston Creek needs to be open, fair and transparent to allow innovative, new and appropriate use of limited community facilities.
  • ACT Government public servants are encouraged to attend but need to maintain confidentiality of information obtained in their work and respect their employer’s rights to confidential information.
  • The rights of the individual are paramount and each person, through attending a meeting, contacting by phone, by fax or by email will be considered in a confidential manner and that confidentially will be maintained.
  • The WCCC will lobby on behalf of individuals and groups of individuals who wish to remain anonymous.
  • The WCCC recognises that there a limited number of volunteers in Weston Creek. Therefore conflict of interest is not an issue. WCCC Executive and WCCC Members are encouraged to become members of committees of various organisations in Weston Creek (and organisations who are active in Weston Creek) to advance the needs of Weston Creek residents.

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