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The North Weston developer has recently outlined his views on the future development of North Weston in the Canberra Times. The Chief Planning Officer has indicated that the Development Application is yet to be lodged with ACTPLA and so no consideration of the developpment can be made until this occurs. The Community will have an opportunity to comment on the Development Proposal when the Application is lodged.

Photo: Laying foundations. Dimtri Brendas at North Weston. Photo Gary Scafer Canberra Times 6 Jan 10

The article:
Clearing the way for North Weston homes

By Scott Hannaford, Canberra Times 6 Jan 10

Work has begun on clearing land at North Weston ahead of construction of Canberra’s latest suburban development.

Developers have begun removing weeds, pine trees and rubbish from the site as they wait for final approval to begin capital works.

Developer Dimitri Brendas, of Future Directions, said he was hopeful development approvals would soon be completed, allowing for construction to begin in March. Work is expected to be completed by the end of 2010.

About 20 per cent of the blocks that will make up the development have been sold to partners of the groups involved with the purchase. Since the blocks became available to the public shortly before Christmas, a further 30 per cent have been sold.

North Weston, along with nearby Molonglo, will form a big expansion of the residential area that, when completed, will be home to about 60.000 residents.

North Weston site has 85 standard residential blocks and 16 compact housing sites, which Mr Brendas said would probably be units. As part of the condition of sale, the developers are required to set aside a proportion of the blocks for affordable housing that cannot be sold above a capped value.

“We want to sell the smaller blocks as house-and-land packages as a built unit. Those ones will sell instantly, they will be very popular, but we haven’t even got an architect yet, so its a while away”, Mr Brendas said.

Mr Brendas said 50 per cent of blocks that have already been sold, most had been larger blocks. The development contains blocks ranging from 508sqm to 900sqm.

The standard residential lots are marketed as a boutique development that will meet a minimum five-star energy efficiency rating. Blocks of land only are beingl sold for between $400,000 and $650,000, with the average block expected to sell for about $500,000.

Molonglo is a long-term development for the ACT, with some sections placed under a 20-year development moratorium. Molonglo, once complete, is probably is proposed to hav a 160ha lake deep er than Lake Burley Griffi n, and will eventually have its own shopping centre.

Environmentalist have raised concerns that development of central Molonglo will lead to the loss of up to 560ha of yellow box red gum grassy woodlands.

The response:
Molonglo Plans

Your story “Clearing the way for North Weston homes” (Canberra Times, January 6. p2) contains some glaring errors that must be corrected.

The story quotes developer Dimitri Brendas as saying he is hopeful development approvals will be completed soon.

It should be noted that developments can only be approved after a developer lodges a development application for an estate development plan, which in this case, has not yet happened.

It goes on to say that some sections of Molonglo have been placed under a 20-year moratorium.

This is incorrect.

These areas are not to be developed – ever -and are to be retained “in perpetuity”.

Finally, the article says that “Molonglo once complete, is proposed :to;have a 160 ha lake deeper than Lake Burley Griffin “.

No decision has been made on a lake, With storm-water options to be further analysed. Any proposal would be the subject of an environmental Impact statement.

Neil Savery, Chief Planning Executive
ACT Planning and Land Authority
Letter to the Editor
Canberra Times 7 January 2010

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