North Weston Development Decision

ACTPLA approved the Development Application for the North Weston Development on 26 Mar 10. The approval is for 98 single dwelling units and one multi unit block to accomodate up to 102 dwellings. The approval of the estate development plan also covers roads, public open space landscaping and infrastructure.

Council is disappointed that the suggestion for the access for construction traffic to also be via the Cotter Road has really not been addressed. The response is that access from the Cotter Road is subject to a funding bid with a “view” to construct the roundabout in 2010/2011. Council is left with a view that this is more in hope than in promise and that construction will likely soon begin and all access will be from Unwin Place. This non-decision does nothing to ease the community’s concern of issues of the mix of construction traffic and school children and to state that this will be subject to a Traffic Management Plan approved by TAMS does not alleviate the concerns.

The full response by ACTPLA to the issues raised follow:

Weston Creek Community Council


Dear Weston Creek Community Council


Development Application Number 201016680 has been approved subject to conditions.

As you lodged a representation in relation to this Development Application please find attached a copy of the Notice of Decision in accordance with the requirements of Section 170 of the Planning and Development Act 2007.

A copy of the application and the decision are also available for inspection on the Public Register. The register can be inspected between 8:30am and 4:30pm weekdays at the ACT Planning and Land Authority Customer Service Centre, 16 Challis Street, Dickson, ACT.

If you wish to seek a review of the decision with the ACT Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal (ACAT), you must lodge an application form together with the required fee within 28 days from the date of this letter to:

ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal
ACT Magistrates Court Building
Knowles Place

An application form can be obtained from either the ACAT at the ACT Magistrates Court, Knowles Place Canberra City or from the ACT Planning and Land Authority Customer Service Centre, 16 Challis Street, Dickson. If you require further information about the ACAT’s requirements or the review process, their office can be contacted on (02) 6207 1740.

If you apply for a review of the decision, the Authority will at the direction of the ACAT, give written notice to the applicant, and any interested parties that:

    • You have applied to the ACAT for a review of the decision; and
    • They are entitled to apply to be made a party to the proceedings for the review.

The applicant’s name and postal address can be obtained from the Public Register.

As this application has been approved subject to conditions, the applicant may also apply to the ACAT for a review of the decision. If this occurs you will be advised, and have a right to the Tribunal to be made a party to the proceedings (i.e. you can apply to the Tribunal to attend the review hearings where you will have the opportunity to present your case).

If you require any further information please contact (02) 6207 1687.

Yours sincerely

Applications Secretariat
26 March 2010

Notice of decision » … click here

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