Next Meeting: How will Climate Change affect you ?

How can you adapt to the changes as both an individual and as a member of the ACT community ?

 At our meeting on Wednesday 25 June at 7.30pm there will be a presentation on Adapting to a changing Climate — Directions for the ACT. This presentation will be given by Professor Will Steffen a member of the ACT Climate Change Council .

 It is the role of the Council to advise the Minister on matters relating to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing and adapting to climate change. Professor Steffen is very well qualified in this field having been executive director of the ANU Climate Change Institute and a member of the Australian Climate Commission until it was abolished in September 2013. In addition he has acted as an advisor to numerous prestigious bodies and has a long record of relevant publications.

 At the first meeting of the Council Professor Steffen suggested that public forums would promote discussion on issues. So we have a unique opportunity to ask questions, become informed and even make suggestions about how we and our community can adapt to a changing climate 

 We look forward to your attendance at this interesting meeting.

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