Mr Fluffy – The Next Stage – Presentation 29 July 2015

The ACT Asbestos Response Taskforce attended the Council Meeting on Wednesday 29 July 2105 and updated the community on the situation. The main points were that the initial 5 houses have now been demolished and the lessons learned are being absorbed. Offers have now been made on 1014 of the 1022 affected homes. Weston Creek has 188 houses affected. This is over 18% of the total number of houses in the ACT with Weston the most affected Suburb with 31 homes here.

The next phase of the demolition will see 8 homes demolished in Weston Creek as part of the First Schedule of demolition. The timing of this has not been made Public at this time but 3 of these will be in Chapman though it is too early for these to be made public before the neighbours are consulted in the process.

The full presentation can be reached through this link (or below) and there is more information available from the Taskforce’s Website through this link.

The ACT legislative Assembly has also announced an Inquiry into the Draft Variation to the Territory Plan which is in effect to allow dual occupancy and separate title to those blocks affected by “Mr Fluffy” that are over 700 square metres in size. Submissions should be lodged by 27 August. It should be noted that every suburb in Weston Creek has at least two “Mr Fluffy” blocks adjacent to one another or two blocks with one block in between. This proposed variation to the Territory Plan has the potential to change that area of each suburb.

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