‘Mr Fluffy’ -Public List of Affected Properties


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The ACT Government has publicly released a list of affected properties that will enable former residents, tradespeople and the broader community to know whether particular properties are affected by Mr Fluffy loose fill asbestos insulation.

For nearly 50 years, houses affected by loose fill asbestos insulation or ‘Mr Fluffy’ have been part of the Canberra community.

Over time many people have lived in, worked on or in, or visited affected houses and are interested to understand the issue and any associated risks to health.  At the same time, many neighbours are interested to understand their proximity to properties.

The Taskforce has published the list of the 1022 affected properties which are eligible for the Buyback and Demolition Scheme.  An accompanying newsletter is also available.  The Taskforce may, in time, add other known affected houses that were previously privately demolished or removed through natural disasters for historical reference.  Most importantly there is also an information sheet available: TOPIC: DEMOLITION – DEVELOPING THE SCHEDULE.

The WCCC has constructed a searchable list to enable the community to readily sort and identify properties affected by Mr Fluffy  button(2)

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