More Changes to Roads – Closure of Dixon Drive Access to Streeton Drive

The Economic Development Directorate of the ACT Government has advised that the contractor is making good progress with a major Traffic switch planned for mid November on Streeton Drive, however there have been some delays from the date specified in the letter distributed to all the residents in October.

The traffic switch will now incorporate a partial closure of Dixon Drive from Mulley street to Streeton Drive. Dixon Drive will remain open for local traffic only. This partial closure will have major benefits to the travelling public and to the project time frame. Traffic travelling along Mulley will have a free left turn onto Streeton Drive at the Mulley street, Streeton Drive intersection. The partial closure of Dixon Drive will also allow traffic turning right from Streeton drive into Unwin to have a larger capacity storage bay, making this important movement a lot safer. Traffic conditions along Mulley Street will be monitored on a regular basis to ensure the safety of the travelling public and local residents.  A letter is in the process of being delivered to residents of Holder and Duffy.

 To read the full letter please click here

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