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Monthly Meeting 24th October 2001



Jeff Carl, Chairperson WCCC, welcomed residents and the committee to the October meeting. Mr. Carl introduced the guest speaker Mr. Peter Jones, from Land and Property Section, Dept of Urban Services, who would talk about the proposed land swap between Orana School Weston and ACT Forests.


David Clinch, Brendan Smyth, Jacqui Burke


Peter Jones Urban Services

Mr. Jones advised the meeting that discussions had been proceeding between Orana School Weston and ACT Forests regarding the straightening of an adjoining boundary between two leases. The Orana School has operated since 1989 and in 1996 acquired the AME School across the road. Orana has 500 children and is the fastest growing school in Australia.

Mr. Jones also advised the meeting that Orana School had been trying for some time to increase the size of the lease but this had been rejected by ACT Education Department as this would exceed the LAND: STUDENT ratio allowed by that Department. The purpose in attending a WCCC meeting was to undertake community consultation. In the process to date there have been no objections to the proposal

Maps were circulated to attendees and an open discussion took place. The issues raised were:

None of the meeting's attendees objected to the land swap proposal. Mr. Carl thanked Mr. Jones for his presentation to the residents.


Arawang Primary School Carpark

The meeting was advised that the WCCC replied to a letter from Ms Jacqui Burke MLA regarding the above. It appears that Urban Services were trying to restrict access to the 'informal' dirt carpark adjacent to Arawang Primary, without much success. The WCCC in its reply, which was copied to Urban Services and the Weston Creek Soccer Club, advised that we believed that the carpark should be bitumen and be used by the school during the week and be available for sporting groups on the weekend. The carpark should service all the community facilities in the area and relieve the traffic congestion on Badimara Street, the soccer/scout carpark and the vet's carpark.

The WCCC was copied a letter from Arawang Primary to ACT Dept of Education which was a written account of the meeting that these two parties had had. It appears that the WCCC will need to continue to be involved in this matter, as it is not purely an Education Dept asset/construction matter.


Stromlo High School

A resident tasked if the WCCC could pursue the issue of a concrete footpath from the Stromlo High School across the large grassed area to meet the footpath near Arawang Primary School. A number of concerns have been raised and the provision of a footpath/bike access would be extremely useful.


Holder Shopping Centre

Mr. Sutherland, Deputy Chair WCCC, advised the residents of the outcome of meeting he attended held by the consultant investigating issues affecting Holder Shops. A number of concerns were raised at that meeting including, provision of a pedestrian crossing at the shops; line marking for one-way traffic; whether townhouses were the solution for the service station site and the effect on school numbers for Duffy Primary.


School Sizes

The discussion on the impact of townhouses in Holder lead to a wider debate on the possible effect on current schools of the North Duffy / Holder proposal. The moratorium ends in 2003-2004 and the numbers in the current census will provide valuable planning information. The Weston Creek community will have to consider development plans and proposals for North Duffy /Holder during 2002-2003 if any development is to proceed soon after the moratorium ends. Mr. Carl indicated that the ACT Education Dept projections in 1999 for Rivett Primary School were for 90 students in 2001 and the actual attendance is 110 (a 20% increase on expectations). Small may become an issue with the new ACT Government. The WCCC will monitor the situation.


Neighbourhood Watch (NHW)


Mr. Jack White, coordinator for NHW in Duffy addressed the meeting. He advised that the community contacts network in NHW was working well. In addition a meeting was held to restart NHW in Fisher/Waramanga/Stirling but that meeting attracted only half the number of volunteers needed to run the scheme. Ways were being considered to increase the number of volunteers.


Weston /Woden Sub Catchment Plan.

Mr. Carl advised the meeting that the WCCC had responded to the proposed draft Plan. A number of issues of concern to the WCCC were raised with Environment ACT. It is expected that the draft plan will be released for formal public feedback shortly.


Mirinjani Retirement Centre

A resident asked if there was any progress on the Mirinjani Retirement Village acquiring the vacant block of land adjacent to its current lease. The WCCC believes that negotiations on this matter are progressing, but we do not know when it will be resolved.



A resident asked why a 'for sale' sign has been placed on the vacant block of land at the end of Namitijira Drive Fisher adjacent to the BMX Bike Track. The WCCC does not know the significance of the sign, but will investigate.



A resident asked why the direct bus from Cooleman Court to Tuggeranong has ceased. Mr. Carl advised that he believed the service was halted due to the lack of Weston Creek patronage.


Teenagers - outside school hours activities.

A resident enquired as to the extent of services available in Weston Creek for teenagers. The growing problem of teenagers and idle time was becoming an issue in Weston Creek. A debate ensued centring on the cost of providing such facilities and the concept of who would pay to run such a service for teenagers. The WCCC will discuss this issue with the incoming Ministers in the 5th ACT Legislative Assembly.



Mr. Carl advised the meeting that TransACT had made some effort in some Weston Creek suburbs to refill the subsidence in their trenches. This was the subject of a recent WCCC column in The Southside Chronicle.


Defence Housing Authority Estate

A resident asked of the progress of the estate. Mr. Carl advised that the estate was to have its scheduled official handover on 15th December this year. The Hon. Bruce Scott MP Federal Minister for Veterans Affairs and Minister Assisting the Minister for Defence conducted the official opening on 17th September 2001.


Meeting closed 9.15pm

Next meeting

28th November 2001 ACT Forests.