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Monthly Meeting 25th October 2000


Jeff Carl welcomed members of the committee, residents and guest speakers Alan Davey, Tony Bartlett and Ian McArthur from ACT Forests. Mr Carl indicated that the presentation would be given then a Q&A opportunity. Other issues of concern could then be dealt with.



ACT Forests

Alan Davey, community liaison officer introduced Tony Bartlett, Director of ACT Forests. Tony advised that ACT Forests managed 16,000 hectares of pine forests in the ACT and operated as a government business enterprise earning income from selling trees and products. The pine forests in the ACT and especially near Weston Creek had very high public use. In fact the highest public use of managed pine plantations found in Australia. He indicated that Canberra people generally accepted that the forests are commercial operations although well used by a diversity of people.

Ian Macarthur focussed on the harvesting of the forests adjacent to Weston Creek. These would be the forests to the west of Duffy near Eucumbene Drive. It is expected that the harvest would be 180 cubic meters/hectare and be valued at $9,000/ha, in total the value of the timber is $1.2M. The cost of re-establishment of the forest is estimated at $260,000. A management and harvesting plan has been submitted to the National Capital Authority (NCA) and to ACT Planning Authority. In 2000-2001 it is proposed to thin the north section and in 2003-2004 thin the eastern section. Clear felling and replanting would occur in 3 stages in 2000-2001, 2003-2004 and 2008-2009. A partial hazard reduction burn will occur in the buffer strip near Eucumbene Drive in the near future.


With regard of re-establishment; Ian indicated that trees planted in 1997 were now 4 meters high and a staggered approach to harvesting enable the impact to be minimised. Safety is a major issue in harvesting and the very high public use will need to be managed. The normal approach is to close complete ‘blocks’ of forest during harvesting. However an attempt will be made to keep some parts of the forest open; this will be trialed during the harvest, if it is deemed unsafe the harvest will resort to the normal practise of closing the forest block.

A buffer zone will be maintained along Eucumbene Drive. This is 70% complete at present and further planting’s will be made to complete this buffer zone.


Questions and Answers

Mr Carl opened the discussion to Q&A.


Mr Carl asked for further questions; Mr Davey offered his phone number if needed 6207 2486.


Defence Housing Authority

Mr Carl indicated that the final report of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Public Works Committee was not yet available concerning the proposed DHA estate in Streeton Drive. It was however thought that this would be available in two weeks.


Cooleman Court

The WCCC has had several representations regarding the improvements to the open public spaces. The work is expected to be completed in November.


Fisher Shops

A number of residents from the Weston Creek Retirement Village in Badimara Street Fisher were in the audience. There appears to be several versions of the ‘proposed’ development between the Fisher shops and the retirement village. There was considerable debate as to what the processes of consultation should be and what has actually happened. ACTION: Mr Carl to write to Lincoln Hawkins at PALM to determine the consultation processes.

Mr Carl agreed the WCCC executive would visit the retirement village to meet with residents to discuss issues in Weston Creek.


Meet the Candidates 2001

Mr Sutherland indicated that is was appropriate to alert current Legislative Assembly members; and those who nominate for the October 2001 ACT election that the WCCC would have a meet the candidates meeting. This would be the August 2001 meeting. ACTION: Jeff Carl to write to MLA’s.


Any Other Business

A member of the meeting indicated concern that Weston Creek Rotary had no female members; and they met in Woden Valley!

Jeff Carl apologised for the background noise and the renovations at Royals; however as the Royals supported the WCCC by provided a room-free of charge we were grateful. Membership forms are available for the WCCC after the meeting or from our website, membership is free.

If people would like to receive regular e-mail updates on what is happening in Weston Creek, please leave your business card.

There is an Active Australia Day event for people with disabilities on Sunday 5th November near the Weston Scout Hall.



Meeting closed 9.30pm

Next Meeting:

Wednesday 22nd November 2000.