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Monthly Meeting 23rd August 2000


Jeff Carl welcomed members of the committee and residents.



Juantia Kerec, Gary Caitcheon and Jocelyn Murphy


Neighbourhood Watch

Detective Superintendent Chris Lines thanked the WCCC for having the Weston Creek Neighbourhood Watch contact John Greenway’s e-mail address on the WCCC web page. He hoped that this would encourage more volunteers.



The WCCC had provided a submission to the Commonwealth Public Works Committee on the DHA development in Stirling and a submission to the ACT Chief Minister’s Dept in meeting the conditions of the 99-00 grant. In addition 3 requests were received this week for comment on: A Multicultural Australian Capital Territory; sale of land by ACT Government and due process in provision of land leasing information. The WCCC will consider which to respond to.


Traffic Concerns

Several residents voiced their concerns regarding the queuing of long traffic jams in both directions from the new Cotter Road roundabout. It was indicated that there were queues forming through the traffic lights back to the Tuggeranong Freeway and in the other direction through the traffic lights at Streeton Drive. Detective Superintendent Chris Lines advised that the design and siting of the roundabout was a traffic planning issue; however if the queues in peak hours were causing other traffic problems this would be investigated.


Skate Park

The issue of declaring the Weston Skate Park alcohol free zone has still not been resolved. There have been several incidents recently. It was indicated that the regulations were still with Police Minister, Gary Humphries, and the WCCC would follow up on this. It was also considered appropriate that the offer of Jon McIntyre, youth worker, be taken up and Chris Lines would talk with him regarding a joint approach. Jeff Carl to liaise.


Public Works Committee hearing on DHA Estate at Stirling

The WCCC attended and gave evidence at the hearing in Parliament House. The rule regarding presentation of submissions to Parliamentary Inquiry's is that the submission is the property of the Committee. The Committee is legally able to make the submission public. Therefore the WCCC is not able to put its submission on its website; however we have a hotlink to the Public Works Committee website to keep residents up to date.


Pine Trees clearing

Jeff Carl advised the meeting of concerns regarding the clearing of pine trees at Eucumbene Drive Duffy, between Hindmarsh Drive and Waragamba Drive. The felling of pine trees is the normal cycle for the commercial operation of plantation forest in the ACT. The forest is an asset of the ACT Government and managed as a commercial venture. Jeff indicated that Alan Davey from ACT Forests would be invited to the October WCCC meeting.



Two concerns have been reported to the WCCC recently; outside Rivett Primary School where tree roots have lifted the footpath substantially and at the intersection of Dixon Drive and Streeton Drive Holder where a leaking water pipe has a created a constant stream over the footpath. Both have been reported to Dept of Urban Services.


Cooleman Court construction

Bob Sutherland indicated that complaints had been received regarding the extent of re-development of the carparks. It was indicated that the works would be in 4 stages around Cooleman Court; and in each stage disruption would be minimal; perhaps 25 percent of the area. The works would be in progress for several months.


SoundShell / Amphitheatre

The small youth recreation facilities behind Cooleman Court, and to complement the Weston Skate Park; appear in jeopardy; this may be as a result of a lack of funds remaining after the construction of the Skate Park. Reports to the WCCC indicate that either the SoundShell/Amphitheatre would not be built or was being re-considered as a possible playground. This was not the original intent as the target users were youth. The WCCC will enquire on the matter from TOTALCARE.


Chief Minister Dept grant

The WCCC has been advised that the report for the FY 99-00 has been accepted and the offer of a grant for 00-01 was being processed. The Executive of the WCCC was in agreement that the grant offer be accepted.


September WCCC Meeting

The meeting debated the merits of conducting the regular monthly meeting in September. The 4th Wednesday in September falls in the 3rd Week of school holidays, is very close to the October long weekend and is in the Olympic period. The meeting agreed to cancel the September meeting.


Meeting closed 9.00pm

Next Meeting:

Wednesday 25th October 2000.