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Minutes of Monthly Meeting

ACTION Bus Routes

25 March 1998



1. Welcome

Bob Sutherland welcomed members of the public, the WCCC committee and the invited speakers from ACTION (Guy Thurston and Beth Hobson).

Mr Sutherland provided an overview of the WCCC and its role in the Weston Creek community. The WCCC provides the role of facilitating communication between residents, bureaucrats and politicians to ensure that the diverse views of residents are aired. He reinforced the notion that the WCCC does not develop policy nor take resolutions on issues, the views of the community are put forward and the politicians are there to ‘read’ public opinion.

Mr Sutherland introduced to the meeting the issues concerning the planning of bus routes in Weston Creek. A earlier meeting was held by ACTION in October 1997 and a number of issues regarding the loss of services to Weston Creek were raised. This second meeting is for ACTION to alert the community to the proposed Weston Creek network and consider questions and queries. The agreed changes are scheduled for July 1998.


2. Apologies


3. Finances

Bob Sutherland asked for endorsement of the expenditure for publicity for this meeting of $755. In addition the post office box renewal of $44 has been paid. Moved Jeff Carl, seconded David Clinch.

4. ACTION - Guy Thurston CEO.

Guy Thurston provided an overview of the processes that ACTION had undertaken to develop the interim network proposals. Significant market research had been undertaken and the recommendations of the Roger Graham report were factored into the process. There has been small incremental changes in the ACTION network structure, but these will be expanded on 20 July when a new network will commence.

The use of interchanges is being reconsidered as well as a fare structure. The fare structure has yet to be agreed.

The issues raised at the October meeting in Weston Creek were re-visited to determine which had been accommodated in the proposed changes. The issue not addressed was direct travel from Weston Creek to Tuggeranong, especially the Hyperdome and adjacent offices.

The 333 route would remain the main inter-town route. A number of overheads were shown which indicated which routes would travel through which suburbs.

The issue with fares is to decrease the inequity of the fare structure. Models which are under consideration are zonal based, distance based or timed based fares.


5 Questions from the audience.

Questions from the audience were asked for which were general in nature and not route specific. The route specific questions could be dealt with one-on-one. The issues included:


The audience was then invited to approach the ACTION officers to ask specific route questions.

6. Summary

The meeting reconvened and Guy Thurston answered questions moderated by Bob Sutherland. These included why can’t the 333 route occasionally go through Weston Creek? Other issues identified were that the drivers now had split shifts which contributed to the greater flexibility in route planning. There was also a major effort to reduce dead running time when a bus had no passengers. In addition the new Civic shopfront for ACTION should be open in 2 to 3 weeks. A question of waiting on buses in winter, rather than in the interchange was raised.

Bob Sutherland thanked the residents for attending as well as Guy Thurston and ACTION officers for being available to answer questions.

Meeting closed 9.45pm

Next Meeting 22nd April 1998 ACT Greenhouse Strategy.

27th May 1998 AGM